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Ilker Atamer

About Me

About Me


Ilker Atamer


Legal Advisor & Attorney




Istanbul Bar Association


Marmara University; Istanbul University


Trump Towers Residence #2606 Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul - Turkey

Attorney Ilker Atamer graduated from the top law school, Istanbul University Faculty of Law, in 2002 in Turkey. After he completed his legal practice, he reistred to Istanbul Association in 2003. Subsequently, he worked for a multinational company as a in-house counsel, then he established his own law firm in 2005.

Ilker Atamer has been practicing law since 2002. In addition to legal practice, he is also publishing legal articles on different platforms,  and delivering speeches at panels and conferences. His main areas of practice are cyber law, internet law and criminal law.

Areas of Expertise

Prcatice Areas

Prcatice Areas

Legal Advisor

Providing consultation and legal advice for clients in different fields of the Turkish Law.

Cyber Law

Handling cyber law cases, more specifically, computer and software related disputes and matters.

Internet Law

Content removal from the Internet, social media related legal problems ad court orders on access ban.


Handling criminal investigations and cases, representing plaintiffs and defending clients.

Work Experience



Professional Experience :

Atamer Law Firm

2005 to Present

Founder and Managing Attorney

Ilker Atamer established Atamer Law Firm in 2005, and he has been continuing his career as a law firm manager for over 16 years. Mr. Atamer and his associates provides legal services for their local and international clients.

Multinet Corporation

2004 to 2005

In-House Counsel

Mr. Atamer worked as a in-house counsel for a multi-nation company, Multinet Corporation, for from 2004 to 2005. His main duties were to provide legal advice and consultation for different departments of the company.

Academic Degrees :

Indiana University

2020 - 2023

Juris Doctor

Doctor of Law Degree (J.D.) in American Law at Indiana University

2020 – 2023

Marmara University

2002 - 2004

Master of Laws

Master’s Degree (L.L.M) in the European Union Law at Marmara University

2002 – 2004

Istanbul University

1998 - 2002

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Laws Degree (L.L.B.) at Istanbul University

1998 – 2002

Areas of Expertise



Professional Strengths

Ilker Atamer has been using computers and the Internet since 1995. He has considerable technical knowledge on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux. He is also very good at using forensics software, and he has general knowledge about computer hardware.  His passion to the Internet and technology led him to pursue a career in cyber law and the Internet Law.

Ilker Atamer published the first ever legal article on the Turkish Internet Law in Turkey in 2007. Mr. Atamer also published numerous legal articles on cyber law, internet law and cyber crimes in legal magazines and on well-known legal websites.

Mr. Atamer was invited to academic conferences and panels at different universities in Turkey. The main areas of his speeches were on cyber law and internet law matters along with the Turkish Criminal Law.

  • Cyber Law
  • Internet Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Real Estate Law



Pretty Good


Practice Experience

Ilker Atamer, the founder of Atamer legal group, is a well-known cyber law attorney in Turkey. He handled hundreds of cyber crime investigations and cases. Since he has a vast experience in cyber crimes, he was invited to famous TV programs for interviews.


Legal Advice


Case Analysis


Mr. Atamer has almost 20 years of experience in different fields of law such as cyber law, internet law and criminal law. In addition to these areas, he also has an expertise in trials and litigation.

  • Cyber Law
  • Internet Law
  • Social Media Law
  • Internet Content Removal
  • Consultation
  • Legal Advice
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Criminal Cases
  • Case Handling
  • Litigation
  • Divorce Cases
  • International Legal Matters
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